Ephemeral Legend Is A New Action-Adventure RPG Inspired By The Game Boy Zelda Titles 1
Image: DawdlingDogltd

Indie outfit Dawdling Dog has revealed that it is working on a new 'Zelda-like' action adventure by the name of Ephemeral Legend.

Inspired by the Game Boy Zelda entries, the game offers "a massive world dripping with secrets for you to uncover" and features "nods to both modern and classic inspirations."

You'll be expected to "navigate perplexing puzzles, triumph over perilous dungeons, and wield an arsenal of fun tools as you explore the waking dream around you," adds the game's Steam page.

There's no release date as yet, but the developer has confirmed it plans to release the game on consoles at some point.

If you like the look of what you see, Ephemeral Legend will be playable at the Central Coast Comicon this weekend.

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