King Of Fighters On The Sega Mega Drive? It Could Be Happening, Unofficially 1
Image: @GabrielPyron

Update [Mon 20th May, 2024 12:45 BST]: Gabriel Pyron has shown off the game in motion, and we're even more excited about it now:

Original Story [Thu 16th May, 2024 15:30 BST]: Gabriel Pyron, the coding genius behind WIP Mega Drive / Genesis versions of Samurai Shodown and Marvel Super Heroes, has just revealed that he's working on a King of Fighters-style game for the 16-bit console.

Pyron – who says he is using GameDevBoss' open-source fighting game engine HAMOOPIG – has only shown off a single screen so far, but it's already amazing how closely it resembles the original Neo Geo versions of the series.

While the Mega Drive got ports of Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown back in the day, it never received a port of any King of Fighters game.

The franchise kicked off in 1994 and is still going to this very day; it's one of SNK's most enduring properties and has seen multiple mainline entries and spin-offs over the decades.