Deadly Metropolis Is A Streets Of Rage-Style Scrolling Fighter You Should Keep An Eye On 1
Image: @DintheAbary

It warms our hearts here at Time Extension to see so many side-scrolling fighters getting made in recent years.

We grew up at a time when this genre was arguably one of the biggest in the world of games thanks to the success of Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Final Fight and – of course – Streets of Rage, and after falling out of favour in the mid-'90s, it has enjoyed a well-deserved revival in the past decade or so.

We now have another promising example of this style of game to look forward to in the form of Deadly Metropolis. Developed by a small team led by DintheAbary – who consulted on Streets of Rage 4 – the game has been in development since 2020 and will launch on Kickstarter soon.

It is described as "a fast-paced, beat-em-up action game that combines deep combat mechanics, exploration and beautiful graphics into one package."

While there's still some work to be done here, we like what we're seeing so far – and it's clear that the developer behind this project knows their stuff when it comes to belt-scrolling brawlers. One to keep an eye on, for sure.