8BitDo Just Dramatically Expanded Its Keyboard Range 1
Image: 8BitDo

Accessory maker 8BitDo has just launched a series of new accessories to compliment its mechanical keyboard range, which has features NES and C64-style keyboards thus far.

The headline announcement is the Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad – "a 2-in-1 PC numpad and calculator" that works with Windows and Android, and will be available in "N, Fami, C64, and M editions."

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8BitDo has also announced that its "Keyboard Extensions" are now available, allowing users to create their own unique interface setup with the 8BitDo Super Buttons, Super Stick, and Super ABXY. These are compatible with all 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboards.

Finally, the Retro Mechanical Keyboard range has a new member – the M Edition. "Inspired by the classics," claims 8BitDo, it is inspired by IBM's Model M personal computer.

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