Mega Man Legends Episode 1: Roll's Close Call
Image: Capcom/Hilltop Works

The fan translation group Hilltop Works has announced that it is translating the Japanese-exclusive prologue to Mega Man Legends 2 into English.

If you're a Mega Man Legends fan, you might already be aware that Mega Man Legends 2 has a somewhat unusual name in Japan, being released in the country under the title Rockman Dash 2 - Episode 2: Ōinaru Isan.

This title came about as Japan actually got its own exclusive prologue to the game, which was first distributed as a bonus disc for the Mega Man Legends spin-off Tron ni Kobun (under the title Episode One: Roll-Chan Kiki Ippatsu) before later appearing as part of the 2005 PSP port.

In the past, subbed videos of this region-locked adventure have been shared online, but this will mark the first time the game (which is translated here as Mega Man Legends 2 Episode 1: Roll's Close Call) will be playable in English. And better yet, Hilltop Works is also granting access to secret developer content including the developer debug room and the "Unreachable City" featured on the back of the Mega Man Legends 2 box.

Here are the full list of credits for this amazing undertaking:

  • Hilltop (Hacking, Editing, Graphics)
  • Cargodin (Localization)
  • OldGameBox (Graphics)
  • _0mbra_ (Special thanks)

As revealed in the trailer, the patch will go live on April 24th. We'll update this article with a link on how to access it when it's finally available.