Angel Island Revisited
Image: Sega/Euka

The popular Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles fan remaster Angel Island Revisited has been ported to the PSVita, after almost three years of development.

Angel Island Revisited, just to give you a bit of context, was originally released for Windows computers and is also available for Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS/Web. It is the work of the Sonic fan developer Eukaryot3K and various other contributors (a complete list of which is available here) and essentially modernizes the Sega Mega Drive classic, introducing widescreen support, various graphics & audio improvements, alongside new gameplay features.

For many Sonic fans, it has become the ultimate way to experience Sonic 3 & Knuckles in the modern age. That's even in spite of the recently released version of the game available in Sonic Origins.

A few years ago, a small team comprised of MDashK, Rinnegatamante, and BrandonHeat8, set out to port the remaster to the PlayStation handheld with Eukaryot3K's blessing, and it appears that, as of last weekend, this version is now finally available to download, with the creators telling players to "Consider this a 'beta release'".

Getting the port up and running is admittedly a bit of an involved process and requires a copy of the original ROM alongside some poking around in the game's files. Nevertheless, the team has provided a handy list of instructions to get you well on your way.

You can find these instructions, along with the necessary files on the project's GitHub page.

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