This Game Boy Cart Has A Built-In FM Radio 1
Image: @bucketmousebite

The Game Boy turned 35 at the weekend, but that doesn't mean it's a thing of the past ā€“ in fact, the veteran handheld is host to plenty of interesting developers and mods, including this fancy cartridge which turns the console into an FM radio.

Developed by Orangeglo, the Orange FM cartridge has a built-in internal antenna that is used when nothing is inserted into the 3.5mm jack. "While it is possible to get decent reception of strong signals, you may find that reception is quite positional - you may need to experiment with the Game Boy's orientation to get the best quality signal," says the creator.

"You can use the Game Boy speaker to listen to the radio, no headphones required! This is the main difference between the cheap FM radio peripherals available in the Game Boy's heyday and Orange FM - while those accessories simply used the Game Boy for power, Orange FM actually uses the Game Boy as the audio amplifier, allowing the speaker to be used!"

The Orange FM cart works on the DMG (Original), Pocket, and Color models of Game Boy, but not the Game Boy Advance, FunnyPlaying FPGBC or Analogue Pocket. This is because these systems lack an audio input feature on the cartridge header.

If you're interested in ordering one, head here.