Japan Is Getting Psychic Force 2012 Collectables 1
Image: Taito

The Psychic Force series isn't one which springs to mind when it comes to lucrative merchandising opportunities, but in Japan, creator Taito is doing just that.

It has announced that a series of collectable acrylic stands based on the cast of the unique, anti-gravity fighting game will be released in 'gacha' machines.

These items will be available for purchase at just two stores in Japan – Taito Station Tachikawa North Exit and Taito Station Shinjuku South Exit – on Saturday, May 3rd, 2024.

Released in arcades in 1995, the original Psychic Force was later ported to the PS1. It was followed by an arcade-only update called Psychic Force EX in 1996 and then a full sequel in 1998 named Psychic Force 2012. This was ported to the Dreamcast in 1999 and then PS1 (under the title Psychic Force 2) in the same year.

In 2006, the original game was repackaged in Psychic Force Complete on PS2 alongside Psychic Force 2012 a remixed version of the second game entitled Psychic Force 2012 EX.

Since then, the series has remained dormant.

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