Double Dragon 3 Is Coming To Analogue Pocket 1
Image: Technōs Japan

Talented FPGA developer Pramod Somashekar is working on an Analogue Pocket core for Double Dragon 3, it has been revealed.

Released in arcades in 1990, Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone was coded not by series creator Technōs Japan but by East Technology.

The North American version of the game is infamous for being one of the first video games to use in-game microtransactions; upon entering a shop, players are able to purchase weapons and additional moves.

Double Dragon 3 was ported to popular home systems of the era, including the NES, Mega Drive and Game Boy, but these differ quite dramatically from the arcade version.

"I had to capture some data from the board for this one, as the interrupts are very specific timing-wise," explains Somashekar. "I have a couple of minor issues to work out, but everything, including sound, works fine."