New Patch For Cave's Sega Saturn Racer High Velocity Unlocks 4-Player Mode 1
Image: Atlus

Back in 1995, Cave – best known today for its bullet hell shmups – released a 3D racing game on the Sega Saturn entitled Touge King: The Spirits in Japan.

It was released in North America the following year under the name High Velocity – Mountain Racing Challenge and almost instantly faded from memory.

While it sold moderately well in Japan (it even got a sequel in 1997), Western audiences were a little less enamoured with its brand of one-on-one street races.

However, if you're one of the few people who remembers this game from back in the day, then you'll be interested to learn that it has a hidden 4-player mode – and a new patch unlocks it.

If you fancy giving this patch a spin, then head in this direction.