Evercade Is Getting New "Giga Carts" To Allow For Bigger Games 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Blaze has revealed that its Evercade line of systems will soon benefit from "Giga Carts" – larger cartridges with more storage space.

This new higher storage capacity will pave the way for bigger titles, allowing Blaze to bring modern-day releases to the system.

We've already seen 'native' ports of titles like Cathedral and Full Void, but this new cartridge type will allow for more ambitious releases.

The catch is that this new cart is obviously more expensive to produce, so Giga Cart titles will retail for £22.49 – higher than the typical price of £14.99.

Evercade Is Getting New "Giga Carts" To Allow For Bigger Games 1
Image: Blaze

Blaze has confirmed that two Giga Carts will be released this year.

Here's the PR:

Here at Evercade, we’ve always had to strike a balance between bringing great games to you on physical cartridges and ensuring they represent great value to you. As we head into the future, and the scope of what our fans want to play becomes more recent, we’ve adapted to provide this the best way we can.

“Giga Cart” is a new type of cartridge we are making that is designed specifically for larger and more modern or recent retro games, mostly originally released on CD. This new cartridge type will be identical in size and shape to your existing carts but will internally have a larger capacity to bring you these more demanding titles.

We’ve always been honest with our community and they’ve always been honest with us. For us to produce a larger cart would mean a higher development and release cost, and the Evercade community has always been open to this if the reasoning behind it was so that they get more from the collection in the quality of the games provided. We believe we’ve found the right balance with Giga Cart.

Giga Cart Evercade cartridges will have an RRP of £22.49/$24.99/€24.99. This means having more of these games in one cart will have a better value for you than breaking a game list down over multiple cartridges. This change does not affect the current cost of other Evercade cartridges and they will remain at their £17.99/$19.99/€19.99 RRP.