F-Zero Maximum Velocity
Image: Nintendo

Back in November of last year, we told you about a new ROM hack that introduced almost all of the stages from the GBA game F-Zero Maximum Velocity into the SNES original. Well, now it appears that a new group has also done the exact opposite, implementing all 15 tracks from the SNES game in Maximum Velocity's engine.

F-Zero Vintage Velocity is the work of two individuals — the project coordinator PowerPanda and the programmer Guy Perfect — and was released earlier today on Romhacking.net.

It is essentially a full remake of the SNES original on the GBA, with the ROM hackers extracting the data for 10 of these courses from F-Zero: GP Legend and F-Zero: Climax’s Platinum Cups — a collection of cups that featured GBA recreations of the SNES stages — while the rest of the tracks (Death Wind I, Mute City II, White Land I, Mute City III, Death Wind III) had to be recreated from scratch in the GBA format.

The hackers have apparently included a mysterious fourth series as well for players to race through, called the Rook series, which is unlockable by beating the 3 regular series on Expert, and have also claimed that hack is playable either solo or with up to 4 players using multi-pak multiplayer via link cable

If you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

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