Omega 6
Image: City Connection

In a livestream earlier today, the F-Zero and Star Fox artist Takaya Imamura revealed that his first game since leaving Nintendo — Omega 6: The Triangle Stars — will be coming to the Switch in Japan on July 25th.

The game is a retro-style graphic adventure based on Imamura's debut manga of the same name that follows the adventures of two bounty hunters called Thunder and Kyla as they awake from hypersleep and track down their latest target.

The manga was previously made available in French (on Omake Books) and is currently in the process of being translated into English, with Dark Horse Comics set to handle its localization. Happymeal and Pleocene, meanwhile, are responsible for developing the game with City Connection publishing it in Japan while Clear River Games is in charge of its Western release.

We reached out to Clear River Games to see whether there was an update on the English version of the game, but the PR for the publisher was reluctant to give us a precise release date at this time. Instead, they simply assured us that the game is still on the way and that more information will be made available at Gamescom later this year.

In the livestream, City Connection also announced three different physical options that will be available in Japan. These include a standard edition costing ¥3850, a deluxe edition priced at ¥8,470 (which comes with a soundtrack CD, a poster and manual, and a Japanese copy of the Omega 6 comic), and a special limited edition version that comes with an art book for ¥16,500.