Konami had been sleeping on the Metal Gear series for the longest time following its split from franchise creator Hideo Kojima, but it has finally begun giving it some attention via a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and a collection of classic titles.

There's still room for much more amazing Metal Gear content, of course – and in an ideal world, Konami would take one look at Mitchell Hammond's stunning animated work and commission him to create the Metal Gear anime we've all dreamed of for years.

Hammond has been working on Metal Gear animation for some time, with the earliest footage coming over a year ago.

His latest clip, dubbed 'Metal Gear Warhead Activate', has just been uploaded to YouTube, and shows a grizzled Metal Gear pilot loading up an MSX game before obliterating an unseen target. The robot itself is clearly inspired by Metal Gear Mk. II, a character from Kojima's classic Snatcher.

"This is from a few months ago," says Hammond of the awesome new footage. "I intended to upload this as a part of a larger segment, but it will be a while for the full sequence to be complete, so I figured what the hell."

You can check out another of Hammond's related videos below, as well as his animation inspired by the MSX version of Metal Gear.