Golden Axe Returns
Image: @zvitor

Sega has issued a DMCA takedown for ZVitor's excellent Golden Axe Returns.

Game Jolt, the service which hosts the game, received the request, and informed the developer of the takedown.

Built using the OpenBOR ("Beats of Rage") game engine, the game is set after the events of the often divisive Mega Drive outing Golden Axe III but prior to the arcade-exclusive Revenge of Death Adder.

On the surface, it's an updated take on the traditional Golden Axe entries – belt-scrolling action involving swords and sorcery set across a wide range of fantasy locations.

Tyris Flare, Ax Battler and Gilius Thunderhead all return, as do cast members from the likes of Revenge of Death Adder, Golden Axe: The Duel and Golden Axe III.

"Visually, Golden Axe Returns looks fantastic, taking assets from several previous entries in the franchise (as well as some outside of it – enemies from Capcom's Knights of the Round appear at one point, for example) while adding in some new locations to spice things up," is what we said when we went hands-on with the game at the start of 2023. "The soundtrack is also suitably epic, comprising of classic tunes that have been skillfully rearranged using modern tools."

Sega is currently working on a revival of the Golden Axe series.