Rare SNES Game Dottie Flowers Is Now Available To Download For Free 1
Image: @Goldlocke7

We recently reported on homebrew developer Goldlocke's efforts to create a new SNES game, a feat which cost him 600 hours and $2,370 USD – only for him to give the game away in small quantities for free.

"I love to give away stuff and to make people happy, but my resources are limited," he said at the time. "Considering the high cost of producing a single physical unit, I ended up producing only 100 copies total and giving all but one away for free."

The reasons for keeping Dottie Flowers' release limited were varied; Goldlocke claimed that fear of copyright claims and bootlegging were preventing him from making the ROM available online.

However, it would seem that he has now changed his mind, as the game's ROM is available to download.

"This game was a gift of mine to the fantastic SNES community and a bow to my childhood heroes of the German 16Bit video game development scene of the early nineties - I sincerely hope that everybody who received a copy has as much fun playing as I had creating it," says Goldlocke on the game's official page.

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