Sega Bass Fishing
Image: Sega

If you've ever spent any time looking into the world of bootleg games, you've probably come across the name Hummer Team before.

The Taiwanese developer was prolific throughout the 1990s and 2000s for releasing unofficial demakes of popular games on the NES, including bootleg versions of Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mortal Kombat. Because of this, they have become known as one of the more interesting pirate developers to have existed, with plenty of online researchers going out of their way to track down these games and collect as much information about them as possible.

While some of these games have been preserved online over the years, thanks to the efforts of these individuals, there have been some that have managed to escape capture. This includes Hummer Team's unofficial NES port of Sega's 1997 arcade fishing game SEGA Bass Fishing β€” King Fishing β€” which was released in the early 2000s on a Famiclone plug-and-play shaped like a fishing rod.

King Fishing Plug & Play
Image: krzysiobal

Yesterday, however, as spotted by PirateGameThing, a Polish user on the NesDev forums called krzysiobal revealed that he had managed to obtain a copy of this plug-and-play and has now dumped the game online for others to enjoy.

The game should work in most NES emulators and features three modes: practice, tournament, and King Fish.

If you want to play the game, you can grab it now from the NesDev forums. krzysiobal also posted more information from disassembling, analysing, and dumping the title in the same thread.

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