Mortal Kombat Arkade Edition
Image: Fox Cunning

A popular NES bootleg of the arcade classic Mortal Kombat is set to get an overhaul, thanks to a group of homebrew developers.

The project called Mortal Kombat Arkade Edition has been in development for a while already, but only recently came to our attention thanks to Fox Cunning, a member of the small development team, who published a video demo of the game yesterday on YouTube. From what we've been able to make out, it is an improvement patch for Hummer Team's NES/Famicom port of Mortal Kombat (which was confusingly named Mortal Kombat II) and introduces new music, graphics, and the ability to juggle enemies while airborne.

The project is being led by @Drax01-qe9lp, with various others (including Amilgi, Fox Cunning, RetroKidKnuckles, Hacksroms-Deluxe, and @lordzai7185) also helping to bring it to life.

The minute-and-a-half video that Fox Cunning published shows off a new title screen and character roster, as well as an acrobatic battle between the rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero. It's looking pretty promising from what we can see, and we can't wait to get our hands on it and try it for ourselves once it is finally finished.

We'll try and keep you posted on the project as it develops, but for now, you can also check out the ongoing development thread on