Tank Battalion
Image: Bandai Namco

Namco's multi-directional shooter Tank Battalion is coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4 tomorrow (March 7th) as part of Hamster's Arcade Archives series of retro reissues, as reported by Game Watch.

Released in arcades back in 1980, Tank Battalion is the first in a series of Namco tank games that notably also featured the 1985 Nintendo Famicom title Battle City and the 1991 arcade successor Tank Force (which is available on the Namco Museum Collection on Switch and via Arcade Archives). It was also released on some Japanese home computers including the MSX and Sord M5.

The game sees players taking control of a tank, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the other vehicles on screen while protecting a base (symbolized on the map by an eagle medallion).

To celebrate the release, the game's original designer Shinichirou Okamoto will join Hamster for its weekly livestream tomorrow to talk about its development, along with the Bandai Namco licensing specialist Kazuhito Udetsu.

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