The Arcade Archives Range Has Just Smashed A World Record 1
Image: Nintendo

Hamster's Arcade Archives series is celebrating its 7th anniversary on Switch, with over 400 games released on the console during that time.

The company's Twitter account has revealed that the range of retro titles – all based on iconic coin-ops – has been recognised by the Guinness World Records. For 366 consecutive weeks, there has been an Arcade Archives release on Nintendo's eShop. The record was officially recognised back in 2019, when the total was just 133.

In 2020, there was concern that the streak might come to an end due to COVID-19, but it thankfully kept on going regardless.

"Arcade Archives on Nintendo Switch celebrates its 7th anniversary today, March 3rd," says the tweet. "403 titles were released in 7 years. The weekly release, which has been certified by Guinness World Records, continues for 366 consecutive weeks. Thank you to everyone who supported us."

The series began in 2014 on the PS4 with Crazy Climber. The recently released Rainbow Islands was the 400th game to come to the Arcade Archives range.

We spoke to Hamster's president Satoshi Hamada last year, when the range consisted of 370 titles, and he said the company still had some way to go before it has covered all of the titles it wants to bring to the Arcade Archives lineup. "In total, there are 800 games we want to release on Arcade Archives, and currently, we only have about 370, so we're not even halfway there. We're still working hard!"

"It's like a dream," Hamada added. "To be able to bring back games which I was crazy about playing as a child, and to be able to work with the companies which made them? It's just like a dream."