$13 Mod Makes Sony's PSP Go Useful Again In 2024 1
Image: Macho Nacho Productions

Sony's PSP Go was a handheld ahead of its time. It ditched optical media for a totally digital approach which, even in 2024, isn't really the norm. Considering the machine was released back in 2009, it's easy to see why consumers ignored it; it was simply too soon for an "all digital" portable.

Fast forward to the present day, and the fact that hacking a PSP Go is about as hard as falling off a horse would lead you to assume that this isn't an issue any more – save for one small detail. The PSP Go didn't use SD or MicroSD cards for storage, and instead relied on Sony's proprietary Memory Stick format.

The console only comes with 16GB of internal storage, and a 16GB Memory Stick M2 card (the largest that was ever produced) can cost you as much as $100 these days. 32GB of combined storage is hardly something to shout about, so it's easy to see why homebrew hasn't taken off as much on the PSP Go as it has on the standard PSP, which has easy-to-install aftermarket MicroSD card adapters to remove this issue.

The good news is that a new $13 mod has solved this issue. As shown by off by Macho Nacho Productions, the Game Genius MicroSD adapter kit allows you to install a 128GB MicroSD card inside your PSP Go, massively expanding your available storage for games and homebrew.

The kit requires some internal modification, but there's no soldering required – you just need to cut away some pieces of plastic to ensure that the adapter fits in snugly.

A small bulge appears in the back of the case, but this isn't a massive issue, according to Macho Nacho Productions. Slightly more annoying is the prolonged wait whenever the PSP Go has to access the contents of the MicroSD card, but this is a technical limitation of the hardware; Sony never expected anyone to be able to have such a huge amount of storage on this system.

This mod finally makes the PSP Go a worthwhile purchase in 2024, especially if you're comfortable with hacking the device.