Colin McRae And Sega Rally Fans Take Note: This PS1-Style Racer Looks Amazing 2
Image: Frozen Lake Games

When you think of amazing rally-based video games, then two franchises arguably spring to mind.

SEGA Rally dominated the arcade scene in the early '90s thanks to its cutting-edge visuals and impressive driving engine, while on home consoles, Codemasters' Colin McRae Rally (which would later evolve into the DiRT series) was just as acclaimed and respected.

Now, indie developer Frozen Lake Games is looking to pay tribute to both titles with Old School Rally, a PC-based rally racer which "combines the charm of classic retro style visuals with the thrill of international rally competitions."

The game has "retro-style visuals, reminiscent of the late '90s rally games evoking a sense of nostalgia and charm" and " a variety of rally tracks from around the globe, race across different surfaces inducing dirt, tarmac and snow and challenge your driving skills."

It's due for release this year and will initially be available in Early Access, so player feedback can be taken into account.

Old School Rally isn't the only game that's trying to scratch the particular itch; Over Jump Rally is also in development and aims to replicate the look and feel of Sega Rally but with modern visuals.