SEGA Rally Championship (PC)
Image: Anthony Dickens / Time Extension

Welcome to the first Complete In Box Sunday here at Time Extension. We'll be digging through our collections each week to showcase interesting games from yester-year. Along with the post on the website, we'll be posting photos via @timeextension on Instagram.

First up is SEGA Rally Championship for Windows/PC (just to prove that we aren't all about consoles). This release featured a somewhat unique big-box design with a suspended CD-ROM jewel case.

Obsessed with the Arcade version and unable to afford a SEGA Saturn at the time, this PC version gave me my rally fix. Running surprisingly well with a good enough machine, it was still a good time at home with this arcade classic.

The SEGAPC label went on to release a bunch of other SEGA classics over the years. I haven't played this version in quite a long time, as a couple of years back, I finally got my hands on a Saturn.

Do you remember SEGA Rally? Did you have it on another format? Let us know in the comments below: