Mega Man Soccer
Image: Capcom

A previously undiscovered prototype of the Super Nintendo game Megaman Soccer has recently been published online on The Cutting Room Floor, revealing a few new insights into the development of the project (as spotted by the Mega Man news site Rockman Corner!).

Mega Man Soccer (or Rockman Soccer as it is known in Japan) is a football game, developed by Sun L and published by Capcom. It was released in North America and Japan in 1994 (though, sadly, PAL regions never saw a release of the game, at least as far as we're aware).

The game was based on Capcom's Mega Man series of action platformers and lets players pick from a range of characters from the NES games that came before (including Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Wily, and several Robot masters). They could then partake in a bunch of different football modes, either alone or with a friend.

As The Cutting Room Floor notes, this brand Japanese sample build was found and submitted by an individual named C. Davis on March 25th, 2024, and features some interesting changes from the final release. These notably include the presence of multitap support to allow up to four people to play together, and the ability to set matches to 60 minutes in length (the final game is capped at 10).

Another interesting change is that the Capcom Championship mode is also called the Capcom World Cup mode in this earlier build. This was likely changed in the final version as the UK publisher US Gold still held the worldwide rights at the time to the "World Cup" name.

You can find a full detailed breakdown of the build over at The Cutting Room Floor.

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