Vampire Survival RPG 'V Rising' Is Getting A Castlevania Crossover 1
Image: Stunlock Studios

We've been waiting a long time for an all-new Castlevania outing, but in the meantime, it would seem that we'll have to make do with collaboration titles, like Dead Cells' recent Return to Castlevania and the just-announced crossover with Stunlock Studios' vampire survival action RPG, V Rising.

Dubbed "Legacy of Castlevania", this crossover event will bring "the mighty hero of the Belmont Clan, Simon Belmont" to the game.

"Wielding his legendary Vampire Killer and an infamous arsenal of holy weaponry, no night stalker will be safe from his righteous crusade through Vardoran," continues the PR. "Defeat him and unlock the secrets of a brand new weapon, the whip, adapting new combat abilities that embody the grace and precision of the deadly Vampire hunter."

While all players will be able to take part in the event, the “Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack” cosmetic downloadable content will cost you real-world money and allow you to construct your own castle complete with Castlevania-themed items. You'll also be able to listen to "a symphony of Castlevania music in your castle, with two classic themes reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova."

Stunlock Studios CEO Rickard Frisegard adds:

We’re all big fans of Castlevania, so being able to actually create original Castlevania content in our game is a dream come true. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to our friends at Konami for the chance to bring Castlevania to the V Rising universe. This has been an opportunity for us to channel our love and effort for their games into this collaboration, and we look forward to you being able to experience it for yourself on May 8!

V Rising is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Its full launch takes place on May 8th, alongside the Castlevania content. The game is coming to PS5 later in 2024.