Why Osaka's 61-Year-Old Kasuga Arcade Is Still Going Strong 1
Image: @kasuga_game

We're all aware that retro gaming is big business, but in Japan, it's keeping a 61-year-old amusement centre open thanks to its ability to attract a steady stream of customers, both old and new.

A news report by NHK World Japan (you'll have to click the link, as the uploader has disabled embeds) pays a visit to Osaka's Kasuga Gamecentre, which opened its doors in 1963 when arcades were full of mechanical cabinets rather than video games.

Since then, it has weathered many storms, including the arrival of home consoles and, more recently, the gradual phasing out of traditional arcades due to COVID-19 and other financial factors.

Much of Kasuga's success is down to the fact that it houses so many retro titles and that its staff work tirelessly to maintain and repair them – even going as far as to create replacement parts that are no longer available elsewhere.

The report shows the wide range of customers Kasuga receives, including tourists, old friends and even a gentleman who began visiting the location shortly after it opened in the '60s.

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