Poll: What's The Best Playdate Game? 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

When Panic launched its Playdate handheld back in 2022, it felt like a pretty bold statement. Here's a monochrome device that costs $200 and has a crank on the side – little wonder, then, that some critics dismissed it as little more than a gimmick that would fade away fairly quickly.

Now, almost two years and more than 150 games later, Playdate is still going strong. While its sales of 70,000 units aren't going to trouble the likes of Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, this adorable yellow machine has clearly found an audience – and developers seem to love it, too.

With all of those lovely games available, though, there comes a question – which ones are worth your time and money? As you've no doubt noticed, we've slowly but surely begun to ramp up our Playdate review coverage on Time Extension and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – but, in the interest of helping Playdate owners (old and new) locate their next purchase, we're going to create a list of the best Playdate games based solely on your votes.

So, if there's a Playdate game you feel deserves more attention, make sure you rate it in the list below – the votes will help us create our eventual guide to the best games on Panic's handheld.