Image: Natsume

Update [Mon 5th Feb, 2024 09:05 GMT]: One of the team members behind the Medarot 3 translation project has gotten in touch to inform us that the translation that's currently circulating isn't final:

Original Story [Sun 4th Feb, 2024 12:05 GMT]: The Medabots series might not be as famous as Game Boy stablemates Pokémon and Digimon, but it has its fans – many of which are English-speaking and therefore missed out on some of the entries which never made it out of Japan.

Medarot 3 – released in Kabuto and Kuwagata versions in 2000 – is one such example. Thankfully, due to the efforts of fans, it is now finally playable in English.

The Medabots / Medarot series kicked off in 1997 and has been getting entries as recent as 2020. The only games to have been released in the West are Medabots (which is actually a remake of the GBC title Medarot 2 for Game Boy Advance), Medabots AX, and Medabots Infinity.