Evercade VS Could Support Analogue Input In The Future 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The arrival of N64 games on Evercade has people very excited indeed about the future of the platform, but there's one big issue to note: Evercade lacks analogue control, which is a big part of N64 games.

While Blaze has done its best to mitigate this issue with the Evercade port of Glover, it is aware of the demand for analogue input and has revealed to us that it is undertaking "initial work" to support third-party analogue controllers on its Evercade VS home console.

"We know there will be public feedback and demand for analogue control support on the Evercade VS," Blaze's Sean Cleaver tells Time Extension. "The Evercade VS already supports a vast number of third-party controllers, and we do test with some, such as the SN30 Pro. So, we have started some initial work on supporting third-party analogue inputs for the Evercade VS. No promises at this stage, but we hope we can bring that support in the future."

Evercade is available in two formats – the Evercade EXP handheld and the Evercade VS home console. Cartridges are compatible across both platforms, with some exceptions.