Super Sunny World
Image: MattHughson

Matt Hughson, the creator of homebrew titles like From Below and Witch N' Wiz, is currently working on a brand new Mario-Esque platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System called Super Sunny World and has recently revealed on Twitter that it will include NES Zapper functionality.

The NES Zapper (named the Video Shooting Series light gun in Japan) was only compatible with a limited number of official NES games during its run — the most famous of which was Duck Hunt — but its library of games has since expanded, thanks to the work of dedicated homebrew developers.

Super Sunny World is no exception to this, letting a second player plug in the NES Zapper and fire away at enemies and power-ups while player 1 continues to make their way through the stage. It's a wonderful idea and one that has us more excited than ever to try the game out once it finally releases.

Sadly, there's no proper launch date set for the project just yet, but if you want to keep up to date with its progress, you can follow Hughson on his social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. The plan, according to him, is for the game to eventually be available as both a digital ROM and as a physical NES cart.