Saturn Bomberman Fight!!
Image: Hudson

Back in 1997, Hudson released Saturn Bomberman Fight!! in Japan, a year after it had released its SBom Joycard controller.

In a pioneering piece of commercial trickery that wouldn't feel out of place in 2024's DLC-ridden landscape, Hudson sneakily locked away three exclusive Battle Mode stages behind the purchase of one of these pads.

These stages could only be accessed if you owned the controller; the pad has a 'Hu Position' switch which, when enabled, unlocks content in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, as well as Saturn Bomberman and Willy Wombat.

This roadblock has remained in place for 27 years – but now the lovely @memory_fallen has just published a new patch for the game which grants access to this trio of stages (it's actually possible to unlock the games without the SBom pad if you know what to do – but this patch is more elegant).

Even better news is that the plan is to include this patch in the English language patch, which we reported on not so long ago.