Sega's 32X may have been a dismal commercial flop but, had things gone a little differently, we could have seen Lara Croft make her debut on the system (stick with us on this one).

Designed to be a stop-gap between the 16-bit Mega Drive / Genesis and the 32-bit Saturn, the 32X shared some technical similarities with the Saturn – and, had it been more successful, it could have become the focus of Sega's next-generation push.

OK, so we're stretching the limits of plausibility now, but consider this – Sega ally Core Design released the original Tomb Raider on Saturn before PlayStation and could have done the same with the 32X, had it been a runaway success.

If you'd liked to have seen this alternate reality come to pass, then you'll want to keep your eye on Timur 'XProger' Gagiev's 32X port of Tomb Raider, which is currently in development. As you can see from the video at the top of the page, it's already looking impressive – and it hasn't been optimised yet, as it's using the same textures found in the PC version.

XProger is the person responsible for the incredible GBA port of the game, so there's every reason to be confident this 32X edition will turn out just as well. There's no sound at present, and the frame rate will hopefully improve, too.

You can view the full playthrough of the game's opening level below.