Tomb Raider II Render
Image: Crystal Dynamics

As originally spotted by Eurogamer, a talented fan developer has just released a brilliant video of a Tomb Raider 2 project, which shows the classic 3D action-adventure game transformed into a 3D sidescroller.

The creator of the video Delca shared the footage of the project, which sees Lara venturing through the grounds of her mansion, the Great Wall of China, and the wreck of the Maria Doria (among other locations), on their YouTube channel over the weekend.

Since then, it has gained a ton of attention, with other Tomb Raider fans praising its creativity and comparing it favorably to Core Design's 2D sidescrollers for the Game Boy Color.

Looking at Delca's channel, this clearly isn't the first time they've tried their hand at transforming a Tomb Raider game into this classic perspective, with the creator also publishing two videos last year that depicted the Caves and Croft Manor from the original 1996 game viewed from this alternative view.

Sadly, the sidescrolling remake doesn't seem to be available to download anywhere at the moment, but you can view some of Delca's other excellent Tomb Raider projects here. They include the first chapter of a PS1-style demake of Crystal Dynamics' 2006 title Tomb Raider: Legend.

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