Nintendo 64DD
Image: Evan Amos

The Nintendo 64DD was a bold move by the Japanese giant to offer something a little different to its customers.

The add-on unit connected to the base Nintendo 64 console, allowing the owner to use its 64MB magnetic disks to open up new creative possibilities. Several of the 'games' released for it were focused on artistic pursuits, such as Mario Artist: Paint Studio, Mario Artist: Talent Studio and Mario Artist: Polygon Studio. The 64DD could also connect to the internet at a time when that was still a novelty for console owners.

With only ten titles released on it and total sales of 15,000 systems, the 64DD is one of Nintendo's rare hardware flops – but, because it's a Nintendo product, it predictably remains very collectable.

Twitter user @butasoup recently picked up one of these systems on the secondary market, and was shocked by the quality of the polygon art created in Mario Artist: Polygon Studio:

I recently purchased a Nintendo 64DD, and I was impressed by how detailed the personal polygon data in Mario Paint Polygon Studio was. I would like to express my gratitude (?) to the original owner and say, "I was able to worship something amazing!", so I would be happy if you could spread the word!
It's really amazing that you made this on 64.

As you can see, whoever owned this 64DD originally was quite adept at creating 3D models – and it has led to some Twitter users pondering their fate.

"I hope whoever made these is in the industry now," says one user. So do we.