Polymega N64
Image: Playmaji

Update [Wed 28th Sep, 2022 13:25 BST]: As promised, Playmaji has released Polymega System Software Update v1.1.22, and you can download it to your console right now.

The headline news is that N64 titles are now in the database and GameShark codes work, but there are a few other minor additions.

As noted by GameRaveTV, Last Blade 2 now works on the Neo Geo CD, and Playmaji has made it easier than ever to bulk transfer games between storage options. Oh, and there's now a play time counter for each title so you can see just how many hours you've put into Super Mario Kart. In addition to this, it's also possible to mark titles as 'completed' so you can see how many games you've gotten to the end of. Neat!

In less positive news, the GameShark functionality feels a little unfinished, but Playmaji is aware of the complaints and is working on improving it in a future update. You can check out GameRaveTV's full impressions below.

Original Story [Thu 15th Sep, 2022 21:10 BST]: Playmaji has just revealed that the Polymega's next firmware update will launch next week.

Polymega System Software Update v1.1.22 will add N64 games to the console's internal database ahead of the release of the EM05 Element Module, which will allow N64 cartridges to be played and installed to internal storage.

Other new features will be support for Sega Saturn titles that used the MPEG video card, support for SSP translation patches, a 240p resolution option, an improved interface for browsing available patches and several bug fixes.

Here's the official word from Playmaji:

MPEG/VCD card support for Sega Saturn

You can now play the impressive MPEG video enhanced games from the Sega Saturn Library such as Lunar: Silver Star Story MPEG-ban, Gungriffon (Japanese Version), and Falcom Classics Collection (Disc 2).

New Patch Browser and Support for SSP patch files

We've been getting lots of support requests for this patch format, and with this update we're delivering the ability to load and play SSP patches on your Polymega.

The Patch selection interface has also been completely overhauled to make it easier to use. Find and filter for your patch, select it, and apply it to your game. Once applied, the patch will inherit the game tile icon for the game which you've applied it to, making it easier than ever to find your ideal patch at a glance. Patches now have a progress indicator when being applied to your game, as well.

Support for Gameshark, Game Genie, and Action Reply cheat codes

In addition to entering codes manually (and the ability to stack multiple codes for a custom experience), you can also select from a list of pre-defined cheat codes on a per-game basis. There's thousands of codes available right in Polymega's user interface, so it's easier than ever to see what's available and try out some interesting modifications to your favorite games.

Ultra Element Module EM05 Database

With the imminent release of Polymega's Ultra Element Module EM05, we're deploying the entirety of the N64 database to every Polymega on v1.1.22 or higher so you can start building your Wishlist of N64 games right now! The EM05 Ultra Element Module will be available for pre-order in the very near future so keep an eye on our website for updates.

The "anticipated" launch date for this update is September 20th, 2022.

[source polymega.com]