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Earlier this year, we took a look at Taito's Egret II Mini console giving it an 8/10 for its rotating screen, cool accessories, and desirable games, while expressing some concerns about its price and its appeal to casual players (you can check out the full review here). Now it seems, though, that Taito intends to keep supporting the system post-launch, with the company recently announcing a new compilation called Arcade Memories Vol. 1 for the system (as spotted by Yuuki's Mini Console Channel).

This collection will release on December 22nd in Japan, with sites like already taking pre-orders. On Amazon, the collection will set you back 7,973¥ (that's about $55, 58 Euros, or roughly £51, minus shipping, of course). It will come with an SD card with 10 games, a 32-page A4 strategy book called Dengeki TAITO STATION VOL.2, and 10 mini instruction cards. The games include:

  • Great Swordsman (1984)
  • Ohgon No Siro/Great Gurianos/Gladiator (1986)
  • Slap Fight/Alcon (1986)
  • Daisenpuu/Twin Hawk (1989)
  • PuLiRuLa (1991)
  • Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer (1992)
  • Riding Fight (1992)
  • Light Bringer/Dungeon Magic (1993)
  • Gekirindan (1995)
  • And Cleopatra Fortune (1996)
Egret II mini Arcade Memories Vol. 1
Image: Taito

Here's the official description:

"Arcade Memories VOL.1 is an additional software package exclusively for "Egret Two Mini" that contains 10 game titles that appeared in game arcades between 1984 and 1996 on an SD card, which can be inserted into the SD card slot of the main unit to play the included titles. Arcade Memories VOL.1" will include the 32-page bonus DX strategy book "Dengeki TAITO STATION VOLUME 2" and "Instruction Card Mini" for the 10 titles."

Obviously given the high cost of the base machine, shelling out more money might not seem like the most appetizing prospect at the moment. But for completionists, this list of games will likely make a fine addition to the Egret II Mini's library getting you up to speed with some classics you may have missed the first time around. There's no word on a western release for Arcade Memories Vol. 1 just yet, but you should be able to import it considering the machine is region-free. You can watch a video of some of the titles below:

Are you tempted by this new collection? Or is it too pricey for your liking? Let us know in the comments!

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