Magical Drop VI
Image: Forever Entertainment

Publisher Forever Entertainment has announced today via a trailer (September 28th 2022) that it is bringing back the Data East puzzle game series Magical Drop with a brand-new entry Magical Drop VI.

The new game, which revolves around characters matching colored bubbles to clear lines, is releasing on Nintendo Switch this winter and is being developed by High Ball Games and Storm Trident. It will mark the first entry in the series since 2012's Magical Drop V from developers Golgoth Studio.

In case you're in need of quick a refresher, Magical Drop was first released in arcades back in 1995, and was inspired by another game called Drop-Drop from the Russian developer Russ Ltd. It was later ported to Super Nintendo and reimagined for Sega Saturn and PlayStation. Since this first game, there have been several sequels, all of which added new characters and introduced refinements to the puzzle formula.

Magical Drop VI (2)
Image: Forever Entertainment

According to the video description, this new game will continue this trend:

  • More than 15 playable characters each with their own unique story and music tracks
  • Local and online multiplayer modes
  • Dozens and dozens of challenges
  • And 6 Solo game modes

Right now, there's no exact date on when the game will launch or a price, but we'll keep you updated when these details emerge. For now, you can check out the trailer below:

What do you think of this announcement? Are you glad to see Magical Drop back? Comment and let us know!