Image: Atari/Accolade

Back in October 2023, Atari's CEO Wade Rosen told MinnMax that it was open to pitches for a new Bubsy game, leading a small number of indie developers to express interest in calling the company's bluff.

Among these was the Frog Nimble developer Jon D (or @DevBoyDibs), who has now begun sharing some footage from the rough Unity prototype that they "hobbled together" to pitch to the company, after Atari failed to get back to them.

The first video Jon D shared features Bubsy standing on a yellow-brick road with a yarn ball in front of him and a treasure chest positioned slightly behind and looks super lovely featuring a nice depth-of-field effect and an excellent new, design for the titular bobcat.

According to Jon D, their goal while modelling this new take on the character was to "to stay close to the original SNES Bubsy design with a couple proportion edits for 3D". Sadly, though, the fact that Atari never got back to him suggests "it may have not been the direction they wanted to take the bobcat".

Other things we can see in the short video include a second character who appears to be Arnold Armadillo who made his first appearance in the pilot of the cancelled Bubsy TV series, before turning up as a playable character in Bubsy II and Bubsy: Paws on Fire.

Be sure to go and follow @DevBoyDibs if you like what you see. We'll update the piece when Jon D posts more footage from the prototype.

[source twitter.com]