Hyperkin Mega 95
Image: Hyperkin

Retro hardware maker Hyperkin has announced it is producing a portable Mega Drive / Genesis system which has the ability to connect to your TV via its own dock, just like the Nintendo Switch.

The Mega 95 boasts a 5-inch screen and plays original cartridges, but it will ship with a USB-C dock that connects to your TV set. The dock features two standard Genesis controller sockets.

The Verge speculates that the Mega 95 is based on Hyperkin's MegaRetroN HD Gaming Console from 2018, which sells for $60. As for what kind of tech is inside, it is rumoured that the MegaRetroN HD doesn't use software emulation, and instead employs a system which is closer to FPGA – although it is not believed that it's a full FPGA solution, so don't expect the same level of accuracy.

The Mega 95 reportedly has 10 hours of battery life on a single charge and comes with a switch which allows you to toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 – a rather pointless feature, as no Genesis / Mega Drive games ran in 16:9. There's currently no word on a release date or price.

The Hyperkin Mega 95's ability to connect to a TV is neat, but we'd like to remind you that Sega's Nomad handheld – a portable Genesis released back in 1995 – had the same ability, although it was without a dock. Still, this new device is likely to be a lot cheaper and will have a superior LCD display.

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