Sonic Advance
Image: Sega

The feature phone preservationist RockmanCosmo has just announced another community breakthrough in the attempts to preserve and document forgotten mobile games, revealing that an old Sonic the Hedgehog card game from the mid-to-late 2000s is among the latest batch of titles to have been saved, alongside the rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin 4 F, and Super Bomberman G Wide.

In a post on Twitter, Cosmo explained that Xyz, another prominent member of the ongoing efforts to save Japanese feature phone games published for DoCoMo's i-mode service, had managed to update their custom ktdumpertool to include early Mitsubishi and Fujitsu DoCoMo phone models, allowing them and another individual called @GoodTofuFriday to band together to dump a new selection of games.

In the same post, Cosmo also credited two more people @m3M0RyHuN73R & @XLeonier with eventually getting the game up and running on the emulator found inside the DoJa 5.1 SDK and posted some footage of the Sonic game in action.

Sonic no Daifugou is a Japanese mobile game released for platforms like i-mode, EZ Web, Vodafone Live!, Club-Air Edge, and Emobile between 2005-2008. It is a take on the Japanese card game Millionaire, where players must get rid of all their cards as fast as possible by playing stronger cards than their opponent, and was downloadable through the Sonic Cafe online portal.

We recommend joining the Kahvibreak Discord server if you want to learn more about these preservation efforts or checking out this public Gdoc that includes a guide on how to set up the DoJa 5.1 SDK’s emulator.