Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings
Image: Video System

Video System's Sonic Wings (AKA Aero Fighters) is this week's Arcade Archives title on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Originally released in arcades in 1992, Sonic Wings would be ported to the SNES the following year.

The series would then make the leap to SNK's Neo Geo arcade system (a move which would see Sonic Wings designer Shin Nakamura leave Video System to establish Psikyo, as he wanted to continue to make vertically-scrolling shmups which would be hard to execute as successfully on the Neo Geo's horizontal monitor), resulting in Aero Fighters 2 (1994) and Aero Fighters 3 (1995).

The series also includes Sonic Wings Special on the Saturn and PlayStation, and Aero Fighters Assault on the N64 – the latter was developed by Pilotwings 64 collaborator Paradigm Entertainment.

Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters will be released on Switch and PS4 on December 14th.