Warp Warp
Image: Namco

Hamster has revealed that it will be bringing Namco's obscure multi-directional shooter Warp & Warp (otherwise known in North America as Warp Warp) to Nintendo Switch & PS4 on November 22nd (thanks Gosokkyu!).

Released in Japanese and North American arcades back in 1981, Warp & Warp puts players in control of a monster fighter who must eradicate a set of big-tongued aliens called Berobero (after the Japanese onomatopoeic word for tongues and licking) across two different locations: a space world and a maze world. Gameplay has often been described as a mixture of Wizard of Wor and Bomberman, with players being able to shoot and drop timed explosives to score more points.

Following its arcade release, Warp & Warp later appeared on the MSX, the Sord M5 Japanese home computer, and Casio's PV-1000. It also got an updated version for the Nintendo Famicom called Warpman, featuring new enemies and enhanced graphics.

As far as we're aware, it hasn't been reissued that much in the past, with one of the few rereleases of the arcade version being as part of 1998's Namco History Vol. 4 for Windows computers.

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