Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Atari's latest financial report has shed some light on the company's relationship with Polymega maker Playmaji (thanks, Destructoid).

Earlier this year, Atari revealed that it was partnering with Playmaji to create special 'Element Modules' for its modular retro gaming console but also confirmed it would be making a "minority investment" in the firm, which has struggled to get Polymega units into the hands of customers who pre-ordered it years ago.

The statement reveals that this investment totalled €4.6 million. Speaking to gameindustry.biz, Atari CEO Wade Rosen revealed that the partnership was to "help [Playmaji] get back on track on those things and work out from that backlog," a reference to the delays and component shortages that have been experienced by the firm.

Atari's report reveals another interesting fact – it now owns almost half of Playmaji's shares on a "fully diluted basis" and has "a non-controlling stake of 53% on a non-diluted basis."

Confused? So were we, but thankfully, the folks at Liquidity Group know what they're talking about on this count:

Undiluted shares demonstrate the current state of affairs at the corporation. Diluted earnings would reflect a worst-case scenario of the business's stock price if the corporation had to instantly issue every share it had committed in stock options or convertible bonds.

Atari has been investing heavily in the retro-gaming space of late, having snapped up Digital Eclipse, Nightdive Studios and Atari Age, as well as buying MobyGames, a well-respected resource when it comes to cataloguing gaming's history.

[source destructoid.com]