NHL '94
Image: EA Sports

EA Sports NHL '94 is often considered to be one of the best hockey games of all time, so it should probably come as no surprise then, that there is still a tremendous community out there dedicated to updating the game, with new players, tweaks, and bug fixes all these years later.

The most recent example of this comes in the form of Adam Catalyst's fantastic new patch for the Genesis version of the game called NHL '94: 2024 Edition, which takes the classic title and introduces a bunch of updates, to try and make the most refined and up-to-date release yet.

Some of the changes introduced to the game include the addition of up-to-date rosters, logos, colours, uniforms, and arena names; revised gameplay to recreate a more modern style of hockey experience; and alterations to the player photos, banners, title screen, and more. It's a true labour of love and builds off the incredible work of the NHL94.com community — who not only contributed to the patch but helped to test it.

Adam Catalyst hasn't promised any further updates to the patch in the future but has stated in a post published on NHL94.com that if he had the chance to work on it further, he has a personal wishlist of features he'd like to add. This includes adding the ability to enable line changes without having possession of the puck, allowing players sitting to recover energy in the penalty box, and reducing the rebound rate of the puck.

You can grab the patch here.

[source romhacking.net]