Pole Position II
Image: Namco

Namco's racing sequel Pole Position II will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop & PS4 this week on December 7th, as reported by Famitsu. It joins the original game, which was released across both consoles earlier this year on July 6th.

Pole Position II debuted in the arcades back in 1983 and was later ported to home computers and platforms like the Atari 7800, Commodore 64, the Super Cassette Vision, and MS-DOS. It has been reissued a few times in the past, including as part of prior compilations like Namco Museum Vol. 3 for the PS1 and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade for Xbox 360, but hasn't appeared on either the Nintendo Switch or PS4 up until now.

The title adds three new tracks to race across, which weren't present in its predecessor. These include a new test track, a recreation of Suzuka Circuit, and a seaside race course that was blatantly modelled after the temporary course used in the 1982 United States Grand Prix West.

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[source famitsu.com]