The Melting Apartment
Image: Flower Studio

When you think of horror games, the Game Boy might not be the first platform that immediately springs to mind, but nonetheless, the recent homebrew The Melting Apartment from Flower Studio is a short yet effective spine-tingler that we think is well worth your time (thanks Freegameplanet!).

It is inspired by Italian Giallo films and the works of the Japanese manga artist Junji Ito (the author of Uzimaki, Tomie, and many more twisted tales) and is primarily set inside a crummy, old apartment building where a young woman has mysteriously gone missing.

Playing as a detective, it's up to you to explore the interior of the building and its multiple floors to try to find out what has happened to her and why the landlord and the other residents are acting so peculiar.

As we mentioned, the game isn't exactly the longest or most in-depth experience we've ever played (despite technically having 3 endings to unlock). Nevertheless, it has some gloriously disconcerting pixel art (especially for some of the apartment's other inhabitants), a lot of atmosphere, and plenty of potential should the developer want to expand it further in the future.

You can download the game now from for free to play it on your Nintendo Game Boy, Analogue Pocket, or in your Game Boy emulator of choice. You can also play it in your web browser if for whatever reason you don't fancy downloading any files.

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