Game Boy Color FPGA
Image: TakiUdon_

FunnyPlaying's FPGA Game Boy Color is now available to order online, and it appears that the first reviews have already started to come out (thanks Retro Dodo!)

The FPGBC, as it is being called, is a new budget Game Boy Color-like device, which simulates the original hardware with FPGA while adding higher-quality sound speakers and USB-C compatibility. It is currently being sold on FunnyPlaying's website as a buildable kit, with a range of different coloured housings available to pick from (such as black, white, clear blue, clear red, clear white, and clear black).

Recently, a YouTuber named Taki Udon posted a review video of the handheld online called "The Coolest Handheld of the Year" where he took a closer look at the device's features, went through the building process, and put it through its paces. In that video, he called the device "awesome" due to it being easy to put together and update, and said that it was "a step in the right direction for FPGA-based handhelds".

You can buy the FPGBC kit from FunnyPlaying's website now. The kit itself costs $69.90 USD, while the housings are priced at $9.90. You can watch Taki Udon's full review for a closer look at the device in action.

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