Big Box Collection
Image: @3DBigBoxGames

In the days before PC games were primarily bought and sold through digital storefronts like Steam or GOG, big boxes were king.

These large, often beautifully designed, packages presented players with a tangible product they could hold and came with gloriously rendered artwork, as well as additional manuals and maps, which made the act of purchasing a title and cracking open its box almost just as exciting as the game itself.

So, with that in mind, we were over the moon to recently come across this fantastic website called Big Box Collection from @3DBigBoxGames, which is a glorious tribute to the golden age of big box video games.

The website includes over 748 boxes from Benjamin's personal collection, which have been transformed into 3D via a process where he scans the box art and turns them into textures to apply onto a 3D mesh.

Through the website, visitors can then search for whatever game they're looking for and can rotate and zoom into their big box of choice to get a closer look. It's a fantastic tool and one we've already spent a lot of time with, searching through the archives to revisit some of the games we've parted ways with over the years.

If you want to take a look yourself, you can check out the website here.