Atari Club Jackets
Image: Atari

Atari earlier this month announced that it had partnered up with the '80s fashion brand Members Only to bring out a modernized take on the classic Atari clubhouse jackets from the 1980s. This was a special collection of Atari jackets that were exclusively available to paying members of its fan club back in the day.

The new jackets are available to pre-order now from Atari's store and come in three different colours: red, white, and black. They aren't an exact match for the original, it should be noted, taking some modern inspiration from Members Only's own signature line of racing jackets, but they do importantly feature the classic Atari logo on the chest and the Atari lettering along the sleeve.

So if you love Atari and want to show your appreciation for the classic '80s brand to everybody and anybody, here's your chance to do just that.

The jackets cost $148 and are expected to ship in March 2024. You can order them directly from the Atari Store. Modern-day Atari Club members can also receive a discount.