Dungeon Keeper
Image: Electronic Arts

After 15 years of work, the open source, fan expansion of Bullfrog Productions's legendary 1997 strategy management game Dungeon Keeper has finally hit 1.0 (as spotted by Damiano Gerli/Rock Paper Shotgun).

Published by Electronic Arts, the original Dungeon Keeper put its players in the role of a dungeon master, letting them build and construct their own dungeons in order to protect their valuable treasure from trespassing heroes and plot a course for world domination. Upon its release, it was an instant success, earning almost unanimous praise for its unique premise and impressive visuals and sound, and later went on to spawn a sequel Dungeon Keeper 2 in 1999, an MMORPG in 2012 (released in open beta), and a poorly-received mobile title called Dungeon Keeper Mobile in 2014; in addition to a bunch of cancelled ports, abandoned follow-ups, and spiritual successors.

In 2008, a fan developer named Mefisto began work on KeeperFX. After some work, development then stalled until 2016, which is when the project was eventually resurrected and taken over by another group, including Loobinex. The open-source remake supports Windows 7/10/11 operating systems and packs a ton of new features and additions.

These include support for higher screen resolutions and new modernized controls, as well as bug fixes, additional units, flexible map sizes, and more. There's even the ability to download custom-made content from the game's community from a workshop available on the website.

You can grab the latest release here. As with many of these types of fan remakes and expansions, you'll need to have a copy of the game's original files in order to play. Luckily, though, you should be able to use your old CDs or the Gold Edition (which is still on sale at EA's website or GOG).

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